Gettin’ There!

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ There!”

  1. It matters not how many words you write. Quality over quantity.

    Thanks for that reminder, WIGSF. Excellent tip, young man. I really appreciate that.

    1. It’s writing. Quality matters. It’s not sex. Or donuts.

      True enough. Though I beg to differ on the sex. Quality certainly can make up for quantity there.

  2. Relaxing weekend here. Spent time with family and friends. I need to buy a bbq. Picked out a patio set this weekend!

    Yeah, you need a grill, dude! Getting stuff for the house is fun!

  3. Grill? Patio set? It has been unusually warm here the last few weeks, but a grill & patio set are months away.

    We’ve had weather in the 70s and touched the 80s this past week. More of the same. Believe you me, it’s no picnic — WAY too early for that crap.

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