Miss Me?

3 thoughts on “Miss Me?”

  1. I hate office politics. Everybody’s all so very polite and professional while they are shoving a knife in your back. At least in food service it’s all out in the open with people screaming at each other. I’m sure you’ll do fine, just remember to always cover your a$$.

    I’ll try to, but right now I’m more concerned about just being fired for lack of performance. I think that’s what the case-building is about, but I also didn’t know I had these “critical” projects. I just thought they were things to do. Or something. My bad. 😦

  2. You can’t know if they don’t tell you. Hopefully he’s truly trying to be helpful. How many employees does this company have? Do they have a Human Resources department?

    The company itself is a global one, with well over 60K employees worldwide. And yes, there is an HR department, but our situation as a group is a strange one; our HR rep is actually in corporate headquarters in OH, while we are operating here. So we have access to someone from HR, but they’re technically not “our” HR people. So it’s weird. It’s not bad enough to go to HR yet, I don’t think, and I don’t want to make a stink where there isn’t one, you know? I really need this job and don’t want to usher myself out the door any faster than necessary. 😦

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