Weekend Updates

3 thoughts on “Weekend Updates”

  1. Frasier, in it’s heyday, was one of the finest television programs I’ve ever seen. It was very well written and incredibly performed.

    Yes, it is! Brilliant, and it’s better than anything I’ve seen in recent years on TV now, though I don’t watch current shows, so I’m limited in my statement.

    But speaking of great television, I just heard on the radio that Richard Dawson passed away.

    Indeed, and I was saddened to learn so.

    That guy was the best game show host ever. He was just so calm, cool and collected amongst people going crazy and being all stressed out. And yes, he was lecherous, but that was hilarious. That was his schtick.

    He was, without question, unrivaled as a game show host, even the fictional Damon Killian.

    But back on to Frasier.

    My Top Five Fave Frasier Moments
    5. Bulldog getting upset and shouting “This stinks. It’s total BS!” then completely calming down again like nothing happened. Awesome stuff.
    4. Martin pretending to be gay to brush off a female admirer only to then be introduced to a gay man and double-date with Frasier and some woman. HA!
    3. The part where Daphne’s ex-boyfriend visits and she pretends to be married to Niles and Frasier and Roz (pretending to be Maris) are pretending to be married and both women are constantly flirting with this guy. And Martin pretending to be an astronaut. That was great! What a zoo!
    2. Frasier and the station manager arguing then fooling around on the air. The dirty girl incident. Oh, that was HYSTERICAL.
    1. Niles telling some guy off at the coffee shop with a long, metaphor-laden insult about this guy having no dick. “… the only male in recorded history to suffer from penis envy!” HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was great!

  2. I loved Frasier and I plan to start watching it again. Not much of interest for my weekend.

    Mine either. I shouldn’t bore you all with such drivel, I suppose, but what else can I share? 🙂 And Frasier rocks. Loved it the first time, loving it the second too.

  3. Oh gosh, contact lens issues… I tolerate contacts quite well, relatively speaking, but I stopped wearing them anyway because I can’t be bothered fiddling with them at least twice a day. I still have a bunch in my drawer, in the packages. (I’m not worried about the cost, because my work health plan covers them.) I’m going to try to wear them to my cousin’s wedding next weekend. We’ll see how that works out! Good luck with yours.

    Thanks. I’ll need it. I’m having the WORST time building up to the ability to wear them through a work day. I’m just afraid I’ll blink them out the way I do after about three or four hours. Tomorrow (Sat) will tell the tale!

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