Smiling Monday

6 thoughts on “Smiling Monday”

  1. Good for you! So…what’s the new name?

    It’s going to be called Spectral Analysis…perfect, if I do say so myself. Even if Fal came up with it and not me.

  2. I tried to read Hero with a Thousand Faces once. I had to stop when I got to the part where Campbell describes native adolescent males in Africa getting their genitalia smashed with a rock as part of their coming of age process.

    Thanks for that visual, bud. My day just wouldn’t have been complete without the image of smashed children’s genitalia in my mind’s eye. How are these people not extinct anyway?! 😉

  3. Please explain to me why you see fault in terminators time travel theory.

    Because it creates a causality loop, or Predestination Paradox.

    The Machines send the T-800 to kill John Connor’s mother before he’s born.
    If the T-800 is successful, there is no need to send the T-800 back in time
    If the T-800 doesn’t go back in time, John Connor will lead the resistance against the machines
    If John Connor leads the resistance against the machines, they send the T-800 back in time…

    …ad nauseum. The machines sending the T-800 caused Connor to send Kyle Reese who then becomes his dad, which is impossible. That loop is part of the same one as above, but follows another curve on the endless loop. I’m sure you can figure it out.

    This problem isn’t “resolved” by the franchise until the third movie (which sucked), when SkyNet is built without the parts left over from the original T-800 robot, which were destroyed along with any research about the technology in T2. So in T3, they demonstrate the inevitability of SkyNet, which turned into software instead of hardware. But the causality loop of the first movie is the flaw. There’s also one in 12 Monkeys, which is a favorite movie of mine. Time travel from this perspective — to influence the past — isn’t an easy thing to think through. And James Cameron’s not that smart, frankly. I don’t know if Einstein or Hawking are!

    1. You missed the point entirely. There is no future or past only present. There is no time travel. The characters exist only in the present but they believe they have traveled through time.

      What? That’s not the premise of the movie. That’s the premise of the shrink who’s the recurring character in the movies.

      Now. Think of that and watch the first movie again then the extended version of t2 and then the third movie. Yes three was disappointing but the ending was great.

      That premise does NOT explain how Arnold Schwartenegger’s character behaves, and is, you know, A ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE.

      Haven’t seen the fourth yet though.

      It was meh. Great special effects, but much else good about it.

  4. If you can smile on a Monday, the rest of the week should be cake.

    It so wasn’t. Today was month-end and I have to gear up for a LOT of work coming my way in August prepping these yucky old pages for the new year. But until I can master the new technology to the point of being efficient, I have to deal with it. 😦 Still, it was a good Monday.

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