Wednesday Woes — Not

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes — Not”

  1. Very nice! My company is talking about instituting profit sharing, but apparently profits are down at the moment so I’m not especially jazzed by the idea.

    Yeah, we have built-in safeguards to prevent having to write the company a check if things take a downturn and they’ve overpaid through the first several quarters. Still, it’s nice to know they’re willing to share their success with the people making it happen.

  2. Any bonus is a good thing! I like your attitude.

    Thanks! It hurt a little not to be able to fulfill the plans I had, but I’m over it I guess. Life will go on, with me or without. I reckon I’ll make it with and just appreciate what I did get instead of lamenting what I didn’t. 🙂

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