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4 thoughts on “Reader Reviews”

  1. Your readers are always going to be the final critique. You can either change the story they commented on OR you can take that advice with you to your next novel or project. Dominant Race hasn’t gotten stellar reviews, but I’ve learned so much from it that I can’t say it was a bad thing, and I know its sequel will be better, with the lessons I’ve learned.

    I’ve definitely learned something. I guess I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing the better alternative and having it pointed out to me. Maybe I should have spent more time on development or something. But it will be fixed when I have time to fix it…someday. Maybe.

    Call it growing pains and keep on keeping on. Don’t worry, your writing isn’t God-awful or something. 🙂

    I guess I know that, as a wordsmith, I’m okay. I don’t take it to heart when people start ranting about grammar and structure. But the story issues? I should see those. The better ending? I should’ve come up with that. How’d I miss those things? Those are the questions which plant doubt. At least to me.

    Oh! And keep in mind that no story you write will be perfect. A reader will always point out its flaws because, hey, it has flaws! Doesn’t make it a piece of crap or boring or trite or whatever word you want to use.

    I know that already. But I missed a chance at a home-run ball here. I might talk myself into fixing it after all…

  2. I very much enjoyed Scales of Justice and I’m not saying that just to make you feel good. I thought it was a well crafted, fast paced story.

    Well, thanks Holly. I appreciate that, and I’m glad you liked it.

    I’ve read a lot of klunkers since I got my Kindle and started reading unknown authors. I’ve read what I thought was downright crap from best selling authors. ‘Scales of Justice’ wasn’t ‘Lonesome Dove’, but it didn’t make me wish I didn’t know how to read either. Keep writing, you’ll only get better.

    Well, thanks again!… I think. 😉 I may have to just read Lonesome Dove to find out how I missed. 🙂

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