3 thoughts on “Breakthroughs”

  1. Okay, so what is the book? Are you keeping it a secret?

    Yes, for now, I’m keeping it a secret. It’s my ace in the hole. If it works like I hope (and Lord only knows when I’ll be able to test it), I’ll blog about the new method and the book on my fiction blog.

  2. Hurraaaaaaaay! I am so excited for you! You have the innate skills – you just needed some proper training. Phew! What a relief.

    AW, thanks Spark! You are such a doll! How sweet you are. I’ve just discovered the thing I thought would save me probably won’t, but I also have an idea of the direction I can go. I believe you might be right — with proper training and a guided course to follow, I can do this. Here’s hoping my boss is just a teensy bit more patient and willing to wait!

  3. Wow, you really love outlining.

    It works, every time, all the time. I love it.

    I’m happy for you on the job thing. Congrats.

    Thanks, but I prob’ly jumped the gun. It doesn’t address what I needed after all. I’ll keep at it.

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