Friday, Thank Goodness

2 thoughts on “Friday, Thank Goodness”

  1. Re: your last post: TGIF for sures. I can’t imagine trying to do your job in a noisy environment. That’s a tall order. Can you wear earplugs, perhaps? Sometimes that’s what I do when I want to read and my husband is watching an action movie that mostly consists of explosions and people yelling.
    Re: cleaning up – It’s so weird, trying to hide the ugly truth from the top executives. They of all people should know what’s really going on in their business! Big corporations are weird.

    Yep, Friday couldn’t come soon enough. I had to get out of there and managed to do so at a reasonable hour, for month-end. And I don’t think I’d get away with the earplugs, but I might get away with an MP3/4 player and earbuds. Only problem is, last time I tried to use them, the noise was so loud I couldn’t hear the music through the din, even WITH the ‘phones! TERRIBLE!

    And yes, big corporations are weird. The place didn’t look “great”, and I don’t know why they wanted to hide so much from a senior vice president, but again…big corporation, weird behavior. 🙂 Have the most awesome of weekends, Spark!

    1. Re: Earbuds – take a look for dual-flanged ear tips. You can probably get a pack of just the tips to swap out for the ones on your current set of earphones. They keep out more extraneous noise, so it’s like wearing earplugs AND earbuds at the same time!

      You know, I will take a look! Thanks!

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