At Last

2 thoughts on “At Last”

  1. I like my keyboards to make loud clicks with every key press. My first keyboard sounded almost like a typewriter it was so loud. I used that thing until the space bar broke. Then for another two years. Ever try writing an essay for school with no space bar? This was back in the WordPerfect 5 for DOS days. To simulate a space I had to press ALT 3 2. ASCII for space is 32. Not joking. I seriously did that for all of grades 7 and 8.

    That’s awesome. The old IBM M2 keyboards were tanks. The click-clack is soothing sometimes, but I guess with the amount of typing I do every day I’ve gotten away from it. I want quieter boards now. I love the one I have, that’s for sure. But I still got myself a Lenovo (there’s no more IBM brand) keyboard; the keys are the same size, roughly, but it doesn’t have the mechanical mechanism which make those clacking sounds.

  2. I finally broke down and bought a new keyboard. I paid $13 for it. My old one was so, well, old half the keys stuck and wouldn’t work unless pounded on. I put up with it for well over a year because I’m too cheap/lazy/forgetful to buy a new one. I’m like WIGSF…I like my keys to be noisy. This keyboard isn’t quite noisy enough, but I’m too cheap/lazy/forgetful to try out a different one.

    They don’t make ’em like they used to, and if you want the metallic clack! of the old IBM M series keyboards, you’re moving into the hundreds of dollars for them. More reliable, more durable, and just all around better, but as I get older, I’m less and less interested in loud. This one is awesome for me. 🙂

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