One thought on “Updates”

  1. The Peter Principle explains so much! Thanks for introducing me to that.

    It DOES explain a lot, doesn’t it? You’re welcome! 🙂

    Man, I canNOT stand when computers are inconsistent. It drives me batty! It’s like, you are supposed to be LOGICAL MACHINES. Not moody, unreliable lazyboneses. A long time ago when I taught Microsoft courses for a while, I remember my students freaking out because they’d done everything just like it said in the manual and their network stuff still wasn’t working. I could only shrug and tell them to reboot, re-install, basically start over from scratch and eventually it would randomly work for them.

    Yeah, MS’s reputation for that seems well deserved. On the other hand, I can’t drop them for someone else because it’s an enterprise system we’re talking about. And I have to admit, they’re development tools are top-notch, second to none.

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