Movin’ on Up

5 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up”

  1. I am in the same situation. I am trying to decide between a new car and new cell phones. My current phone isn’t even a smartphone.

    I really need a new car. But since I never really have enough in hand to put down on one, I just blow it instead, and then I’m always sorry. Good luck!

  2. They ARE so awesome! 🙂 I’m glad we got them.

    I’m happy you like them love. Here’s hoping we don’t get punished by the car for spending the money in the wrong place.

  3. We just got new cell phones, too. It was on a lark. My husband was with me and my brother and mom who were visiting us in Texas for the first time. He lagged behind and hung around at the Verizon kiosk, and by the time we left the mall, we had new Motorola Razr Ms . . . our first Droid that was a heck of a lot cheaper than our two-year old Blackberries. I think if we discussed it, we would still be on the old phones. I’m glad you enjoy your phones!

    We do! Thanks, Berna! … now, if only we could whimsey a car…

  4. So what did you get? I was torn about upgrading from my Palm Pixi and after having the android for 6 months I can honestly say…I’d rather have my Pixi back. Sure, my new phone connects all things in my life, does things I don’t really understand and is all around awesome, but I HATEHATEHATE the virtual keyboard. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

    We got these BIG ‘uns, with almost 5″ screens, and they ROCK. We can even tap to share files and stuff… I mean, you know, once we figure out how.

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