3 thoughts on “Victory!”

  1. You deserve to rest on your laurels 🙂 Congratulations

    Thanks, Berna, but… no time for that, unfortunately. I’ll have to work over my vacation and study and work and study and eat… you know. 😉

  2. Look at you, Codey McProgrammer! Seems like every time I log in to your blog lately, there’s another announcement of a major problem that you’ve solved. Maybe Appmageddon won’t be as tough as you think. 🙂

    I hope I’ve not become a bore! It’s my whole life right now. I can’t write, I can’t play video games, I can’t do much of anything but programming. I guess that’s going to get dull for my readers. Maybe I’ll have to find a way to spice up this blog. 😦 But — thank you for the encouragement (and the gentle spelling correction on Appmageddon, HEH!), and I’ll worry about Appmageddon another day. 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend!

    1. Believe me, my life has been pretty much all about work lately too. I am working hard to find things to write about that aren’t software implementation-related. I don’t find your blog dull.

      Well, thank you for saying so. It’s really tough when your life gets into a rut like this. I appreciate the support, and I really am grateful for your encouragement. It’s been awesome to have. Thanks.

      I compared the way we each spelled Appmageddon, and I don’t see any differences. Am I blind?

      No, of course not! I fixed mine to match yours. 🙂 I looked up Armageddon and found it was the single-“g”/double-“d” combo, whereas I’d used the double-“g”/single-“d” misspelling. 🙂

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