Movie Review: Wind Chill

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Wind Chill”

  1. You always do such good reviews. 🙂 Plus, it was nice to see you really enjoy a movie.

    Well, thanks. It’s really hard to talk about a movie without giving it away. And I did indeed enjoy.

  2. I’m so glad you found an enjoyable movie! They are few and far between, in my opinion. I tend to set up my PVR to record a bunch, and then I delete half of them after the first 15 minutes as they are so disappointing. The last movie I saw that I really liked was called “Shame”. A man who uses sex to avoid intimacy is forced to confront his own vulnerability when his younger sister shows up on his doorstep. It’s subtle and psychologically astute.

    I like subtle, astute movies more than I used to. As I get older I find films made outside Hollywood’s influence are so much better. The cliches and predictability are way too boring now. I’ll have to look for “Shame” and see if I can find it on one of our movie services. Thanks!

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