Weekend Gazette

3 thoughts on “Weekend Gazette”

  1. Very busy weekend. Christmas Party, watched a hockey game and had a good meal on Friday night.

    Sounds like a FANTASTIC fun weekend. 🙂 Very full though.

  2. You’ve had so much on your plate at work! But I know you can do this.
    I like the holiday green too. 🙂

    Thanks, love. I can do it, I’m sure, but I need TIME, and I just don’t seem to have any right now. 😦

  3. Woah. Dude, your brain must be exhausted! That’s a lot of mental effort. I had to make an effort just to understand your post. (It was worth it!) 🙂

    I hope it wasn’t too bad. And thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    You’re definitely proving your worth to your boss. What you might not be considering as an employee is that it’s not just the immediate final results that count, it’s your dedication to the task and your willingness and ability to learn and grow that are so very valuable.

    I hope so. It’s all I can offer him right now. Thank you for once again being an encouraging voice in a wilderness of fear and sometimes, despair. I really appreciate the buoy. 🙂

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