Woman in Black — Movie Review

3 thoughts on “Woman in Black — Movie Review”

  1. I have this on my Amazon queue. It got rave reviews when it was in theatres and I’m glad to know a real person liked it too.

    Don’t miss it. It’s awesome. I really liked it, and I bet you will too!

    I was a little disappointed to discover I slept through the end of the world and woke up in the afterlife that looks just like my house. I was expecting some harps.

    Ah, well. Some apocalypse, huh? Pff. I could do a better one.

  2. I love a good, rich atmosphere. I can forgive a lot of weaknesses in a movie if it truly transports me to another realm.

    I loved this one. Great stuff!

    December 21st is Ken’s birthday AND my sister’s birthday, so I was hoping for their sakes that the world wouldn’t end. That would have been such a bummer.

    Well, happy un-Apocalyptic birthdays to them both!

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