Progress, Slow but Present

3 thoughts on “Progress, Slow but Present”

  1. Progress! Hurray!

    Thanks, Spark!

    I vote for a web-based implementation. Anything that you have to update one PC at a time is always a super-big pain in the rear.

    Good point. But I won’t be doing it one PC at a time, necessarily. More research required, but the plan is to deploy to a network share. Once the user has installed it (and this is where you might be right because of the global IT restriction policies on the local machines), it will automatically update when they use it, if a change has been made. Still, I think a web implementation is the way to go too; at this point, anyway. Thank you for helping me think through it though!

    You’ll get in done, one line of code at a time. 🙂

    I hope so. Thanks for rooting for me! I hope you had a spectacular Christmas and New Year!

  2. I don’t know. GUIs & Presentation/reporting logic are like a hundred times easier in html.

    Oh, really? Interesting. Especially considering all the powerful tools .NET and Visual Studio provide. The presentation part is arguable. The reporting logic? I have to noodle on that. But I’ve had a couple of days of disastrous results and will be thinking a lot about this soon. Thanks for the input.

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