Monday Morning Blues

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues”

  1. We had wonky weather, too. Migraine last week, easing up when the cold front came through Saturday. Hope your migraine is gone for good. And I also have insomnia, probably stress-related. Why can’t we relax, Knyt? If we get rid of our current stressful things more will follow. We need to learn to relax in spite of whatever’s going on in our lives. Have a good Monday.

    The migraines will always be there, threatening, but since I’ve changed my diet, they’ve become few and far between. Thank God! And you’re probably right — there will always be something stressful to worry about just around the corner. Today’s anxiety is easily replaced tomorrow, I’m afraid. Why? I don’t know. For me, it has a lot to do with spending two years out of work and not being able to get on my feet no matter how hard I tried for that whole time. I don’t want to get there again so I’m constantly worried about not performing up to snuff for my employer. God willing, I’ll learn to control what I can and forget what I can’t. I guess The Serenity Prayer is in order for me! Ha!

  2. I’m a little late catching up on my blog reading, but I sure am glad to hear that you got some satisfying sleep.

    Thanks, Spark! Not enough sleep, o’ course, but whoever gets that?

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