Friday Flurry

2 thoughts on “Friday Flurry”

  1. Isn’t it just one query to set all those wrong values? I can’t remember, but I thought you could run SQL-looking commands at your db.

    Access understands basic SQL, yeah. What happens, however, is either the query in place on the page now will stop working completely when the values in that field all become NULL, or the customers in the search all appear multiple times because of the ridiculous report we get which has all those incorrect values in the first place. A choice of poisons. Either way I have to normalize the data.

    If that’s true, you just need something like ‘UPDATE your_table SET customer_number = NULL WHERE customer_number = “” ‘

    I did that in my test system and you’re right, that’s all it takes to get them all to be NULL (there’s no way, apparently, to set them all to a zero-length string), but see above. In either case I have to figure out a way to normalize the data and make sure there’s nothing wrong with it going forward when we have to load more customers.

    Good stuff, B! Thanks!

  2. Woah, dude, nice problem-solving! I am thoroughly impressed.

    Thanks, but I’m sure you’re only being kind. I bet you’d have solved this within moments of the discovery made by the other programmer weeks ago. Still, progress is progress, right? 🙂

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