Friday Frustration

One thought on “Friday Frustration”

  1. Ugh. Illinois government: pull your socks up!

    Yeah, pull something up, would you? And each of the municipalities are responsible for themselves, so it’s not even the entire state. What DID seem to be state-wide was trying to wish the snow away rather than prepare for it.

    Toronto has very timely snow removal. The plows and salters are out in force on the major streets and highways as soon as a the first flakes of a forecasted snowstorm begin to fall. If that weren’t the case, the whole city would be in gridlock in short order.

    One member of our management team spent two and a half hours on the tollway this morning. Four accidents, two of which involved cars turned completely around, pointed against traffic. Why was a place where snow falls every winter so unprepared on their major traffic arteries? This is unfathomable. Mind boggling. My mind, she’s boggled.

    I would hate to have to come home from work and immediately begin doing training for work. Sometimes one needs to take a break. Your brain can only do so much.

    True. And for the record, I don’t immediately do it. I address it after dinner, generally. Family time first, then training. Still… I miss doing things I loved. Like writing.

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