Patience is Key

4 thoughts on “Patience is Key”

  1. Patience is my Kryptonite. I am the least patient person on the planet.

    Oh, I don’t know Shawn — you had the patience to work two jobs for a long time (for a goal, I’d wager), the patience to sit through four years or more of college, the patience to plan, fund, and build your own in-home theater, and the patience to write and market at least one novel which you then sent out to agencies. That’s not an impatient person in my estimation.

    But, thank you for commiserating. Much appreciated.

  2. When I checked your dashboard, only the titled one earlier was showing. There were no scheduled posts listed, so I guess the emailed ones don’t work in quite the same way. LTY

    I’d already found and removed the duplicates, love. Your reader might show them. Thanks for double-checking.

  3. Patience, grasshopper. . . . Wipe on, wipe off . . .

    THIS Grasshoppah end up on WINDSHIELD, not watching and waiting for oncoming traffic… then gets WIPED ON, WIPED OFF by smearing windshield wiper. 😀

  4. I’m only patient when I’m cooking. Which is saying a lot.

    It’s a start, though, Damyanti! I have no doubt you’re much more patient than you realize — it comes through your writing clear and sharp. 🙂

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