Friday Freefall

One thought on “Friday Freefall”

  1. I hate to say it, but Toronto’s got you beat in the snow department. Today’s dump measured 30 cm, which equals 12 inches in American. I stayed at home.

    I would have too. What a nightmare! And I heard the Boston area got TWO FEET on Friday. Yikes!

    That technical problem sounds enormous. It’s great that you’re already well on your way to creating the necessary spreadsheets to troubleshoot the source. You tell me if your boss doesn’t recognize your achievements at this upcoming performance review, and I’ll kick his butt myself.

    Awesome, I will! Thanks, Spark! The spreadsheets to do the comparison are his idea. But he didn’t want to spend an hour or two every week doing them manually. So I’ve spent the last… what? week? two? … of my life doing it so he can click a button and see the results in 30 seconds. He BEST be happy! 😉 (Of course, that IS what he hired me to do, so…there’s that. :D)

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