Not Quite

3 thoughts on “Not Quite”

  1. “I bet most of you never had that happen.”
    I bet EVERYONE has had that happen. At one time or another, at least. We all know what that feels like. And of course your dad was right–there’s always someone better. So if you measure success in being the best ever in the history of the world, then you will always be disappointed. But you know this. I know you’re just venting, and yes, I’ve wondered why success (however I’m defining it at the moment) seems to hover just out of reach.

    Thanks, Sher. I know it comes and goes. This particular writer has JUST the qualities in his writing I want, and it’s hard to see someone else with it when it seems to elude me. But like everything you and I do, it seems, confidence comes hard.

  2. I’ve always been jealous of people who can swim. I took swimming lessons from age 6 to age 12 and was always terrible at it.

    I went to the high school that had the best music program in Toronto. Kids were driven in from all corners of the city to attend that program. When I started playing violin in 9th grade, that was the first time I’d ever picked one up. By grade 11 we were all required to join the Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra groups, with prodigies who’d been playing since they were toddlers. (No exaggeration – you can do that with the Suzuki Method and teeny tiny instruments.) I practiced one hour a day every day, plus took private lessons, school lessons, and went to hours of group practice every week, but I could never keep up with the prodigies. It was pretty frustrating.

    I can imagine. That’s a pretty good analogy for how I’ve been feeling of late, what with being stymied and everything in Appmageddon, in writing, everything. Thanks for that, Spark. I appreciate the sharing.

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