Photoshopping All Weekend

2 thoughts on “Photoshopping All Weekend”

  1. I love doing covers. I do custom work but I’m also currently making a site at storenvy to sell pre-made covers, which I’m excited about. I do not have Photoshop but I have Corelphoto and it has most of the same features, that I’m learning more and more about every day, but the text effects are definitely broader in Photoshop, the beveling for instance, which I love. Text can bevel in CP, but not as broadly. Once I start making some money with that, I may subscribe to Adobe so i can get Photoshop and inDesign. One of the things I’d like to teach myself over the course of this year is to turn photos into digital paintings, more layering and how to create things like liquid letters, smoke and fire. My photo manipulation to this point has been very basic. There are tons of tutorials on line on how to do things, which are way better than the books that explain program features. A drawing tablet would also give me more control and allow me to maybe move into illustrative work. I draw horribly with a mouse.

    Well, if you’re able to sell your work, you must VERY good! I’m not anywhere near that level, but I’d like to be. I’m thinking about doing some of the online tutorials for photomanipulations so I can learn more. I’ve already learned a ton about how to work with different features than I’ve used, so it’s getting exciting. Good luck with the online store.

  2. Principles of cover design? I think you pretty much know where I stand. The cover should be legible at small sizes, and have something interesting that tells the shopper what it’s about. Other than that, I just look at a bunch of covers and figure out how to copy effects that I like.

    The cover MUST be legible at thumbnail size, so yeah, I agree. I just didn’t know if you had any other “secrets” you wanted to share. It’s a lot harder to make a great looking cover than it seems to be.

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