Inexorable Monday

3 thoughts on “Inexorable Monday”

  1. Sorry, I didn’t set up email notifications on my new phone (bricked the old one trying to flash a new version of android) and I didn’t do much on my computer all weekend. I’ve finally responded now…

    Thanks, B, glad to know you’re all set up and rockin’ now. I got back to you too. Let me know if you’re good with what I laid out for you. I can negotiate some.

  2. Congrats on getting your new collection out. I downloaded it the other day. I’m going to put Kings & Queens in Select once the sequel launches. I bought Scales of Justice too.

    Wow, Courtney, THANK YOU so much! I hope you enjoy them and please remember to review them!

    I bought one of your collections a while back, but not K&Q yet. The one I did get had a sample at the back of it, though. I enjoyed that very much. When I finish it I’ll be sure and add a review for you!

    Thank you again!

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