Good Friday

3 thoughts on “Good Friday”

  1. So why won’t my refurbished computer run msn slideshows? I can’t look at pretty real estate pictures now and my life has been diminished.

    Hm. What Internet browser are you using? If it’s Internet Explorer, then it might be missing something or blocking something unintentionally. On the other hand, it sometimes takes me six months to fix broken web pages. And I would recommend bellyaching to the refurbing company or the seller post-haste!

    Happy Good Friday and have a blessed Easter!

    You too!

  2. I REALLY like the new layout. En*Dane*gered, cute.

    Thanks, Sherri! I’m glad you came by! Hopefully this will be something I can live with for a long time. Moving blogs around is a supreme PITA. Heh. Thanks for following along. First official day is Monday!

  3. What a roller coaster ride! I’m impressed at your programming savvy. Also impressed that you’re involved with the North American Free Trade Agreement. 😉

    Well, thanks Spark! My savvy might’ve been luck, but I’ll take it. And as for NAFTA — well, the company deals with Mexico and Canada, being global and all, so our Strategic Pricing Manager deals with it. Me, not so much, but I support her, so… 😉

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