Points of Interest

One thought on “Points of Interest”

  1. I must admit, I’ve been skipping over the computer programming posts. Sorry. That doesn’t mean you can’t write about it, since skipping is easy. 🙂 I don’t skip all the computer stuff, just the programming.

    No biggie, Sher, I try to remember my readers aren’t all programmers, but it IS a major part of my life, and so it WILL get its place here where I whine express myself. So feel free to skip away!

    I’d like to try photoshop and see how it differs from GIMP. I feel like I’m probably taking more steps to do what would be one click in PS. Although this last update added a couple of real time-savers.

    Well, that’s good news. GIMP’s been trying for decades to become the new PS, but it just can’t seem to get there. And it’s less stable. Most people I’ve heard who berated PS because of its cost can never go back once they try it. And just so you know, you can download a trial of PS for free to see if you like it. Check out Abode’s website for more details. (I do NOT, however, like their new “subscription” licensing scheme.)

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