5 Ways to Backup Pictures

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Backup Pictures”

  1. Great tips! I use a SD card to back up my photos, but I really should look into getting into one of the Internet cloud storage sites. I’ll check out SkyDrive. (I should think about doing the same with my writing files, too, as they are only on a USB drive.)

    Thanks, Eric! I’ve lost all my writing on a stick once, and I have everything I do for fiction backing up to my SkyDrive storage now, so I’m a *little* more confident I won’t lose anything. But it’s never enough, and sometimes I wonder if the old days of having to print everything were better. “Paperless” doesn’t seem to bring anything but the need for paper to protect against loss!

  2. I like solutions that only require me to think once (when I set it up.)

    Both Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive both work similar to DropBox and come with 5GB free accounts. With Google’s cloud drive you can get 100GB for $60 / year. I think Amazon just dropped their 100GB version to $50 / year.

    There’s also a similar company called bitcasa with has really good privacy & encryption rules (Employees at their company have no way to decrypt your files) and has a 10GB for free option and a $99 / year for *infinite* storage option.

    Or for the truly nerdy, you can set up your own cloud backup system dropbox clone using OwnCloud. The price would be whatever server you used. Something like a VPN could be done cheaply, lots of storage for $60-100 / year.

    GREAT suggestions, Bryce! Thanks for the contributions, and these are all fairly reasonable prices. I mean, considering they’re not completely free, of course. I find being able to really back up isn’t. Thanks again!

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