It’s Nothing New

3 thoughts on “It’s Nothing New”

  1. I have heard many times that North Americans don’t have sufficient rituals for dealing with death. Supposedly other cultures do it better. I wouldn’t know from experience, but I do mean to do some reading about it one of these days.

    I don’t know whether I agree with “sufficient rituals” as much as I think we forget how short-term life is. Maybe other cultures have a better perspective on that. It will only get worse as our “microwave generation” grows old and starts to face mortality. Ah well. 🙂 That’s why Jesus tells us not to worry about the future. All we have is NOW for certain.

  2. Very nice and thoughtful. My daughter is an apprentice funeral director so I’m now more aware of death and mourning. Before, it was something I didn’t even think about.

    Oh, is she? How interesting! I’ve wondered how I’d feel about doing something like that. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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