Ups and Downs

4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs”

  1. What’s up this weekend? I might redecorate my bathroom. Or just decorate. Thirteen years and I still haven’t decorated it. Sure would be nice to have a towel rack or a toilet paper hanging rod thingee.

    That actually sounds kinda cool. Good luck! I’m a fan of the toilet paper holders, myself.

  2. As I write this, it is Friday about ten thirty-ish in the morning. …And I had no idea that I am standing on the doorstep of Memorial Day weekend. We’ve been chasing our proverbial tails at the household.

    Hmmmm…. No plans. The world is alive with possibilities.

    Don’t feel bad, SM. I didn’t know it was MD weekend until YESTERDAY. So, yeah. Have fun! I’m grilling, but we don’t plan on doing much of anything. Sleep, however…

  3. It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow so we’re going to the Art Gallery of Ontario and then out for lunch. I hope that turns out to be fun.

    I’m sure it will be, Spark. Happy birthday to your mom from all of us in the Darc House! 🙂

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