2 thoughts on “ASMR Joy”

  1. They put me to sleep like a baby. I sometimes watch during my lunch break at work, just for that trance-like bliss.

    Yeah, that soothing relaxing sensation is so awesome. Ha! Never thought of doing it at work though! Maybe I should! Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

  2. Yes, I have heard of ASMR. A friend asked me if had that reaction to certain YouTube videos, and the answer is: I do not. Honestly I find those videos kind of irritating. That’s not a judgement against people who like them, I just know that I don’t like them. Hey, if you can get delicious shivers that easily, I say go for it!

    Not all of them give me those wonderful shivers, but I like ’em when they do. 🙂

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