Sweatin’ It Out AS The Oldies

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ It Out AS The Oldies”

  1. Drink lots of water. LOTS. The more sweat the better. Cheap weight loss.

    I usually drink about half a gallon or more of water during a typical workday anyway. Turns out, however, the day wasn’t so hot after all. Just rainy and sort of cool. The heat is supposed to settle in today around these parts, but it was nice when I went outside to get a few photos of our flowers before it rained some more. 🙂

  2. I volunteered to help out at a friend’s son’s birthday party next weekend. He’s turning 5 and he asked for an Amazing Race themed party. Turns out I’m assigned to a challenge in the park. So. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s breezy and overcast, or I’ll be human bacon by the end of the event!

    Oy! Good luck, Spark! I’ll say an anti-bacon prayer for ya!

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