Why Most Movie Sequels Aren’t as Good — Part Deux

2 thoughts on “Why Most Movie Sequels Aren’t as Good — Part Deux”

  1. Terminator 2 proved that Skynet was inevitable. T2 taught us on the surface that Skynet was built on the ruins of a robot built by Skynet. But on a deeper level it told us that Skynet is inevitable regardless of the how it’s built. It will be built. There will be a judgement day.

    No, that’s incorrect. T3 was the movie which made Skynet inevitable. T2 resolved at the end. The statements in the closing scene of moving forward into an unknown future show there was now NOT an inevitable Skynet and Judgment Day.

    That’s why T2 is better than T1. It’s an art house film with bling and explosions. T1 was just a scifi action movie.

    I don’t know what an “art house film” is, but it did have merits. I would say the superior acting and special effects made it better than T1, but the story for T1 was amazing and the movie was a good one. I’d call it a draw, but that’s my opinion. Others vary, clearly. 🙂

  2. And isn’t Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson being cast in T5?

    You know, I know nothing of a T5, which sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, frankly.

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