Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…”

  1. I wondered if you had a third blog or something. Thought maybe you were still posting but I couldn’t find it.

    It’s an online journal, and only the beloved wife reads it. It’s not a public blog. You’re not missing a thing, bud. 🙂

    I understand your plight/thought process. But I, for one, missed you posting.

    Thank you, Shawn. And I have to say, having you back on the blogosphere has been a great thing for our pleasure. You’ve been sorely missed, too.

  2. I find that weekly posting is a good routine. If I let it go longer than a week in between I might lose the immediacy I appreciate so much in my online relationships. But less than a week? I don’t have that many things I can blog about. I mean, there is plenty happening at work but it is all TOP SECRET so oh well. I would appreciate getting a weekly update from you. Like I said before, I read your blog as a way of “hanging out” with you in the way friends do. You don’t have to entertain me, just be yourself.

    Thank you Spark. I do enjoy hanging out with you. It’s hard to think about just stopping like that, but like you, I just don’t have much to say. Maybe once a week will give me enough time between posts for fodder. We’ll see I guess! Thank you again!

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