2 thoughts on “Suspicions”

  1. Does our homosexual relationship mean nothing to you, Dane? Is all I am to you a tiny stick of man candy? Sigh.

    Even the LOML is okay with the occasional Bromance, bud. You’re all good.

    1. These days, the concept of a “work wife/work husband” has lost any shame value. It’s trendy. “Work wife” is the new “life coach.”

    Interdasting! Not known by me is this.

    That said…

    2. Yeah, they’re probably bumpin’ uglies. When we learn a life lesson, we want to project it onto the entire social fabric. But the collective doesn’t learn from the individual. V and T have their own path, their own consequences, their own trail of collateral damage. You feel for the little kid. I feel for the little kid.

    He’s not the only one either. The woman has two older kids — both in high school now I think, and at very impressionable stages of development for relationship things, methinks — and the little boy has an older sister about my daughter’s age, give ‘r take.

    When it’s all said and done, the little kid will learn the lesson that V and T failed to heed. He’ll understand the consequences of a shattered family. At least that’s the way it happened with my broken marriage. My son is ridiculously monogamous.

    There will be a LOT of collateral damage, and awkwardness between co-workers, when (and yes, it’s when) things go south. Too bad, really.

    Glad you stopped by today, bud. Thanks!

  2. I recently heard an estimate that in 50% of long-term-relationship couples, one or both of the individuals will have one or more affairs on the side. Geez, that’s a lot of lovin’ on the side! I wouldn’t have expected it to be that common.

    See Shawn’s comment above; apparently, it’s VERY common. Sad, IMO. And that’s from someone who’s DONE it.

    It’s a shame that humans don’t have more control over their emotions. When people get swept up in a love affair it’s hard to put anything in their way. They’ll only realize the bigger picture when it’s too late to un-ring the bell.

    I don’t even know if it’s a “love affair” so much as just sex. I can’t tell that much about it, but from what I see from V, he’s not all that invested. Only what it takes to get more sex, would be my calloused observation.

    My mom was cheated on by both of her husbands, once when I was a toddler (that ended that marriage) and once just a few years ago (which came very close to ending *that* marriage). The pain that she went through was massive, and obviously it wasn’t any fun for me either. But people only have so much self-control, especially when they’re young. I have forgiven both my dads for getting carried away. Uncomfortable as it is for you to watch V and T get all lovey-dovey on company time, don’t let it make you beat yourself up. We are all in need of forgiveness at one time or another.

    You’re right, Spark, we are. Every day, in fact — at least for me. Thank goodness I have a Savior to forgive me. And thank YOU for stopping by.

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