Hell Week

3 thoughts on “Hell Week”

  1. Ooh, I like “Spectral Analysis”. Sweet wordplay. 🙂

    Thanks! It was my beloved’s idea, and I loved it too!

    And ugh, sitting through conferences or meetings or training or anything that takes you away from your own desk is always uncomfortable. At least at your own desk you are the captain of your day, most of the time. I suppose the upside is that regular work seems almost like a relief by the time you get back to it!

    Too true, Spark, too true! Those folks not being a group of my favorites doesn’t help either. Ah well, it’s over now!

  2. You know what would be even better? If you renamed one of the ghosts to be “Albert”. Then your title could be “Specter Al Analysis.”

    *Ba-dum-dum! TSHH!* Bryce Beattie, ladies and gentlemen, give him a big hand! He’s here all week! Don’t forget to try the fish! Tip your waitstaff too! 😉

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