Obligatory Update Post

3 thoughts on “Obligatory Update Post”

  1. I’m driving an F-150 now, and I can’t park it to save my life. I might as well be piloting the QE2. I find myself parking way out in the hinterlands so I can find two open spots. That way I’ve got the room to swing into one of them.

    We’re not averse to parking farther away to preserve our doors and the doors of those next to us, so we’ll be doing a bit of hiking too. It’s not as large as your truck, probably, but it’s a far cry larger than what we had!

    It’s maddening. And parallel parking? Forget it.

    Here’s hoping I never have to.

    In your town, I can’t imagine finally finding a parking space and then not being able to fit the truck in it.

    Our town’s a suburb far afield of The Big Sh!tty, but it still bears the IL “make the spaces deliberately sized for economical cars” conspiracy outcome. *Sigh* I guess I’ll have to move to TX after I win the Mega Millions tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

    I feel for you. But congrats on your new whip.

    Thanks, Shawn!

  2. Dane, I’m praying that you and God find a way to keep you writing and dreaming of the big dream! I do so enjoy your posts. And I appreciate that you appreciate a good run. Your precious car was a great run and may your new vehicle be only a blessing. Keep running with the writing, OK? That one is still going strong πŸ™‚

    Angie, once again you’ve swept in and made God’s blessings in my life apparent. Thank you so much for stopping by with all encouragement and uplifting words. Truly, a worker of the Most High. πŸ™‚ God bless you and yours too, today and every day!

  3. Regarding your new vehicle: Congratulations! May you drive it safely for many years in the best of health.

    Thank you, Spark! Thank you so much!

    Regarding your job: I TOLD YOU SO!!!
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist that.) πŸ˜‰ But truly, I’m so proud and happy for you. You did it! I always knew you could.

    Yes, you did! Many times you built me up and let me know you believed in me. Between you and my loving spouse, I had all the support I needed to get through. And you were both right all the while. Thank you, Spark, and may you be as blessed by the Lord in us as we are in you!

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