The Mirror Others Hold Up to Us

One thought on “The Mirror Others Hold Up to Us”

  1. IMHO there is a significant difference between using work time for your own personal purposes without disturbing anyone else and using work time for personal ends in a way that is inconsiderate and disruptive to those around you. I would bet that you have more than made up for your at-work-not-working hours with at-home-but-working on weekends and evenings. I think it is fair and right to be annoyed with the bellowers you have to share space with. Someone should call them on their misuse of shared space.

    I think, if I recall correctly, we’ve tried. It’s of no use. When the office space was taken from us, the division was told to reorganize without ANY consideration for our business group, of any sort. I guess they’re just operating that way. And thank you for pointing out how much extra I give to the company, to more than make up for what I might take from them. I appreciate the encouragement.

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