Things We Left Behind

2 thoughts on “Things We Left Behind”

  1. I’ve heard it said that life requires constant grieving over losses large and small as the river of time floats the past away from us. Sometimes it’s possible to focus only on the present, but sometimes one can’t help but shed a tear for everything that’s drifting away.

    It’s been very painful to watch some of those things drift away, Spark, but we shed the tear and move on as best we can, within our new normal. Vanessa sums it up nicely in her comment on this post. She speaks well, and is the one who has suffered the greatest losses in our life together. Thank you for commiserating and understanding. 🙂

  2. There have been a lot of losses. More than anyone knows but you and I, and the reason for that is because we don’t focus on it, we don’t dwell and rant and spew it for the world. Yes, we have moments. How can we not? It’s impossible to NOT miss the missing limbs, the empty spaces, the gaping voids. It’s hard not to be Lot’s Wife.

    But I believe that because we try so hard to focus on the blessings, we don’t spend as much time on the losses as we otherwise might. I believe the fact that you acknowledge a loving God and Provider shows that you look forward more than you realize. LTY *kiss*

    No one has suffered more than you have, beloved one. I don’t forget that. I hope I show you I haven’t forgotten. And of course, I will always love and be beside you…right next to Him. 🙂

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