No, It WASN’T Lennon

3 thoughts on “No, It WASN’T Lennon”

  1. Indeed. I’ll go you one better: I never thought the quote was particularly pithy or insightful.

    But that’s just me.

    Nah, it’s a lot of us, bro. Those who sit and realize, “Duh, Shakespeare’s ‘best laid plans’ sums this up better” are with ya.

    Now I STARTED to quote writer Michael Chabon with a better take on the thought: “Men make plans. God laughs.”

    I like that one a lot, too.

    Then, in light of the topic thesis du jour, I double checked and found that the quote is actually a centuries-old Yiddish proverb. So… there ya go.

    Love me some Yiddish proverbs. But my prevailing favorite proverb, outside of the bounds of Scripture, o’course, is the Polish proverb: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’ve never heard it attributed to Lennon myself.

    Really? Who did you hear it attributed to? anyone specific? Wow, he’s the ONLY one I ever heard it attributed to (by everyone except me, of course (and now Shawn), but then, I didn’t know who actually said it either.)

    Still, I’m glad you (and Shawn!) cleared that up. Coo-coo-cashew, lol. 😀 LTY!

    I’m coo-coo for cashews too, but too many carbs. *Sigh*

    LTY too. 🙂

  3. Excellent rant! I enjoyed that. 🙂 Nothing like a little vicarious vexation to ease one’s tension.

    Well, thank you Spark, although I didn’t see it as much as a rant as a peeve, I suppose. I can tell you, though, it didn’t make me feel much better. 😉

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