Useful Uselessness

3 thoughts on “Useful Uselessness”

  1. You lost me on the particulars about halfway through, but I understood enough to know that I should be impressed. So I am. 🙂 Three cheers for you!

    Aw, sorry Spark! I wasn’t trying to overdo. I hope it wasn’t too boring, but thank you so much for the encouragement! AGAIN!

  2. I love your intro, “This will prove useful to exactly no one but me, and yet, I’m going to record it anyway because I really, really want to record it. Y’know? I want the Internet to know I did this with little or no help. I figured it out.” I want to start every blog post I write with this intro!

    Congrats, Dane 😀

    Thanks, Angie! Hope you had a joyous All Hallow’s Eve! God bless you and yours, b’shem Y’shua!

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