The Mill Churns

2 thoughts on “The Mill Churns”

  1. I’m still praying for J. I hope the others learn to … *sigh.* Yeah, I know. They are what they are. Maybe J will win them over, just like she did you and your boss.

    Interesting comments about the departing ATR coordinator. Never thought I’d hear you say those things about her, lol.

    Thanks, Love. Yes, keep her in your prayers along with my boss and me. It’s a tough thing she’s going to be facing.

    And you shouldn’t be so surprised to hear me lament my bad choices. I’ve never been one to stick to my wrong when I feel I am wrong, and I’ve never shied away from apologizing when I know I’m wrong. I regret that I played the game instead of being a man of integrity regardless of what goes on around me, basically. I want to be THAT person instead.


  2. 100% you made the right choice. I work with someone like M, and no matter how many talks I’ve had with her over the years, she… how to put it delicately? Let’s just say that she’s never learned to be a good team player. At least my version of M is mature enough not to do much gossiping, so that helps.

    Yes, we think we made the right call too, and for the right reasons. We hope being out-and-out told her attitude is stalling her career might help. Time will show. And it would be so nice to see some level of maturity out of M. Really. *Sigh*

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