Observations from my Chair

3 thoughts on “Observations from my Chair”

  1. The curse of the hypervigilant writer.

    With only code for company, I spend a lot of time in my headspace. I hear a lot. Happy VD, Shawn!

  2. Goodness. There’s so much going on. I’m surprised about the “unresponsive” accusation. So many of them just don’t seem to care about their jobs anymore – it’s so bizarre to me. Their lackadaisical attitude will be the death of that group. 😦

    I worry the same, Love. Too much malaise and self-centeredness, and I think everyone believes they can just walk out the door and get a job in customer service anywhere they’d like. Rude awakening in 3…2…

  3. Don’t get me started about people leaving their PCs unlocked. People where I work do it in areas with public access. Screen wide open and full of personal information. It’s enough to drive one insane.

    Good luck with whatever is coming. Hopefully you can surf that wave and end up somewhere good.

    Thanks, Spark! Things sort of turned around. I think the wave will lessen when the newbie is up and running a bit better. Soon…I just keep saying it. Soon. 🙂

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