Mishandled Characters

2 thoughts on “Mishandled Characters”

  1. TOTALLY mishandled! I think, at the very least, having “the hero wins the day and defeats the bad guys and lives to tell about it” should have been one of the options. The whole game has been about one whoop-ass after another and suddenly at the end it’s about noble sacrifice? I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me and I got cheated out of my fist-pumping and woohooing. There was no win there at all.

    Holy crap, Babe! You took my entire 1500 word post and summed it up in one succinct paragraph! Well stated!

    And yeah, snatching that fist-pumping and whooping away last-minute is a huge, huge deflation. Horrible. I certainly am not happy about it, and now, knowing the ending choices I have, I don’t know if I want to force through. Makes me want to go back to ME1 and start new there. At least I *win* there.

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