Did You get the License Number…?

2 thoughts on “Did You get the License Number…?”

  1. I know you have so much on your plate, Love. You’ve been a real trooper and there’s just today and Monday to get through. I know you can do this! And if I can help in some way, I don’t know, if there’s a pressure at home that I can alleviate to help you get through work better, let me know. LTY

    Oh my Love, the only relief I get is at home. Change nothing, please! The only thing that seems to work at all is you. Please don’t change at all…

    I’ll sing our song Real World, try to get my funky high on yellow sun, and when I come home I’ll be safe, and cared for.

    If I ask for anything at all, it will be candles, you and the babies, and ME3, LOL.

    Love you so, so much. Can’t wait to Shabbat with you.

  2. That’s the pits. You’re not lazy! You’re over-loaded. I hope that lady figures out all the details and remembers them once she’s back from her vacation. Maybe she can justify being hired despite the pre-scheduled time off. One can hope.

    I certainly can. There will be a normal regression; here’s hoping it’s minor and short-lived! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Spark! Hope you had a great weekend too!

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