Finally Friday

3 thoughts on “Finally Friday”

  1. then our regular program of being interrupted every few minutes with questions starts again

    I had to laugh when I saw that line. It reminded me so much of being a parent to a toddler – I once read a blogger who said basically, set your timer to go off every 60 seconds, then sit down to write an article, or go try to cook dinner, or whatever, but every time the alarm goes off you have to stop what you’re doing and say, “Great job, sweetie! That looks great!” It feels like you just can’t get anything done, sometimes.

    Ha! Awesome description. Problem is, I liked it from our toddlers. I never ran low on patience for their questions. I guess there’s something about that doe-eyed wondrous look on their faces which makes it okay. With adults…eh. 😉

    She’ll learn, she’ll get it down. She seems like a smart cookie from what you describe, it’s just a matter of being patient until she learns the ropes. So, yeah, in a sense she’s like a toddler that way. New to the whole game. 🙂

    Yeah, and maybe that’s part of it too. We expect independent thinking and progress from other grown-ups. We don’t with toddlers. Hard to do things with a baby on your hip? Yeah. But not unexpected, and not too big a challenge. At least, not for me. I think for you, with lots of duties competing for your time, it was different.

    Or maybe this is a better analogy than I want to admit, and I just won’t recognize it until later. Hm.

    It’s nearly the weekend, Babe! You will come home and be with us, and relax. Play, sleep, rest, recharge. Love you so!

    Oh, Lord God Most High, I can’t wait. I can’t WAIT, Love! Love you too!

  2. Yup, being interrupted when you’re trying to focus is a real crazy-maker. I hope that you’re having a restorative weekend.

    Oh, thanks Spark! Yes, it was restorative. Very much. Had a friend who kept trying to connect with us, and I feel bad about avoiding him, but maybe next weekend will be a more social time. Right now all I want to do on my weekends is stay home and sit. (With video games, o’ course. 😉 )

    1. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this weekend, and most of the past few weekends. Other than game night with our friends, I’m tucked in at home avoiding everyone but my hubby.

      We finally did get together with our friend. I was glad we made the time, but I have to tread lightly in times like this. It’s easy for me to give the impression I don’t like him and that’s not true. I just don’t like visitors right now. I wish I knew why, but honestly, it’s just my mood for the last few months. Gotta find a way out of that grump-rut though! Thanks for coming back, Spark! 🙂

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