2 thoughts on “Undaunted”

  1. HA! KNEW He would, and KNEW you could! 😀 Love you tons! :*

    Oh, did you now? 🙂 I guess you prob’ly did, didn’t you? Thank you for being there, and for believing. In Him. In me. In us. Love you wholeheartedly.

  2. Awesome possum! You da man! 🙂

    Aw, thanks, Spark! I don’t know if I’m “da man”, but it was nice to have things go that way.

    Isn’t it great when work isn’t as hard as you thought it would be?

    YES! Couldn’t agree more. And lately, I need that! 🙂

    We have a system at my work with a reporting function which I was never actually trained on. The query builder interface is only moderately intuitive. I have had to call the help desk many times to set up queries. Last week I got a phone call from my boss asking for a lot of information to be extracted from the system and then sorted by various subcategories. I started out feeling completely clueless, but in the end I figured it out without having to call the help desk (which is always helpful but eats up way too much time). I even learned something new about Excel via the help menu section on eliminating duplicate values. Come to think of it, I should have just called you for help… 😉

    It would have been my privilege to try. But as it turns out, your own awesomeness is enough to overcome most any obstacle. Who needs me when we have you? 😉 Have a GREAT week!

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