Death in the Family

8 thoughts on “Death in the Family”

  1. I’m sorry about your keyboard, Love. 😦 Wally has it for a few dollars less than Amazon does, if you want to get another one.

    Aw, thanks Babe! You DO understand me! How could I doubt you? 😀

    I’m okay for now. I may bring the one I have at home to work until it dies. If I want one for home, I may just get myself that Model M. 🙂


  2. I was rather late in years before I cultivated my grudge against poorly designed keyboards . In the last ten years I’ve become very picky about the height of the keys and their “action;” the bounce.

    Yes! Same here. The responsiveness and the recoil is key.

    Tall keys slow me down. Excessively rigid key action slows me down. If I have to turn on a desk lamp to see where to place my hands… Run, Ethyl. A Scottish Storm is upon our house.

    I have a heavy hand, so I think tall keys are better for me. I learned to type on manual typewriters and have never given over to the low-flat-soft way of typing. Not sure why; I’ve gone much farther on comp boards than typers.

    I had a Logitech ergonomic keyboard that I put up with WAY too long. What a hoax. What a piece of well-intentioned crap. I backed over it with the truck after I replaced it last month.

    I have one too. I just…can’t. Not the non-standard layout. Most everything else is *almost* – just not quite. I *do* love the pleather write pad though.

    A warrior knows the seven balance points of a sword and the writer knows that any keyboard that adds friction between the brain and the magnetic storage cannot abide.

    INDEED. Amen, and Amen.

    I completely understand.

    Thank you. My wife didn’t at first, but I hope to have her enlightened soon. 🙂

  3. I test drove that particular Logitech 710 too. I loved it. But I couldn’t rationalize that much money for an item that I have eleven of in a basement box.

    I have a bunch of ’em too, and I just can’t get myself to okay the coinage. But if any of those in your basement box are a Model M, Shawn…shoot me an email. Let’s talk.

  4. Enlightened? Moi?! *bristling* Oh, you know I get the keyboard thing! Have you not seen my pen collection? I get how important the tool is! I just think, you know, we have like a dozen keyboards laying around already, and keyboards cost WAY more then pens, if you know what I mean, my beloved high-maintenance diva. *kiss*

    *going off to find the male form of diva …

    Let me know if you find one, Babe! And of course you get me. How could you not? You’re the Missing Portion of me. 🙂 LTY!

    1. Divo. Or Primo Uomo. (counter to Prima Donna). Neither sound particularly … good. *sigh* Unless you have a preference. (I say that like you wouldn’t, lol.)


      IL DIVO, if you please. 😉 LTY!

  5. I can relate. We keep keyboards, monitors and even power cords long after they serve us. I think we value their loyalty and service

    Well, I can’t say that’s the reason for me, Berna, but I do mourn the ones I’ve loved when they pass from my sphere. (Sometimes, it’s because I paid a sum for them which might give others pause. *Snicker*)

  6. Keys ABOVE the F-keys? Wow, I never knew such a thing was even possible.

    Eh, they’re just a series of specialized command buttons which are programmable and do specialized tasks. Not really “keys,” per se.

    I’m not quite as particular as you are about my keyboards, however it does bug me, as a touch-typer, when a keyboard squeezes extra keys in where you’re not expecting them. Like I go to hit the shift key and it turns out to be some other key. Or when the space bar is shortened to accommodate other keys on either side. Nope nope nope. That is just not okay in my world.

    The non-standard layout thing is HUGE for programmers, and probably gamers too. It’s not okay in OUR worlds, either. 🙂

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