One thought on “Blasé”

  1. It’s okay to play ME, Love. You’ll tire of it eventually, or you’ll be afraid you’ll tire of it, so you’ll stop or cut down all on your own without having to force the issue. It will take care of itself naturally. In the meantime, no worries Love, I got your back. 🙂

    I know you’ve got my back, Babe. I know that. Never a doubt.

    I’m just worried about depriving you of your stuff too, Love. You have movies you want to see, and TV shows you want to watch, and the only time you get to do that is when I’m not playing ME, and the kids aren’t using the PS. I just want to be fair to you and them, and to Abba, Whom I’ve neglected for a while now.

    No, I can’t say it’s too loud for you, your keyboard. I can only answer for me, and it doesn’t bother me. The clicky sound is kind of cool, actually. LOL, I just had a thought – next time we shop for things like that where sound is important, we should record it with one of our phones, then go to a quiet place and listen. I hadn’t really paid attention to all the store noise, because it just became background noise so I tuned that out.

    I might just do that. I so much want to take this one back and swap it for the other one, but it’s such a lot of trouble, especially with the price match. And because I used a gift card, it’s sort of weird in its transaction I bet. We’ll see. But I think I want to do it. It’s just…too loud for me.


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