What’s in a Name?

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. I had a gym teacher in high school who always wanted to shorten my name to something I didn’t like, and I asked her not to call me that. She, quite haughtily, responded that she was going to call me whatever she wanted to call me, so I told he, “Fine, go ahead. And you’ll find that I will not be responding to anything you call me that isn’t my name.” Yes, I was mouthy at 14 but I felt she was out of line. Heh, still do. Calling someone by their name, or by the name they wish to be called, is a sign of respect, and just plain courtesy.

    It would be nice to have a little, and may I note DESERVED, respect on that, even from adults to children. The hubris of some people is jaw-dropping to me. Take comfort in knowing you’ll see her pleading a lost cause when you stand before the King. Maybe he’ll call her something she doesn’t want to be called, too. Like, “hell-bound.”

    Yes, I know we’ve been over this with the whole “Favre” thing! LOL I still say he’s saying it wrong.

    Yes, you do! 🙂 And I still say it’s their name, their prerogative. 🙂

    Also, as important as respect is, you still shouldn’t mess up your name just to mess up other people. Your name shouldn’t be used as a weapon either. For instance, people shouldn’t use the most whacked out spelling – or a spelling that is totally senseless – just to be “unique.” I.E. the whole Prince symbol thing. It’s just silly.

    I don’t think most people “mess up” their names deliberately. Prince…wasn’t ever a person anyway. 😉 But, unique spellings happen, so there’s that.

  2. I agree with you 100%. If I’m calling someone with a foreign name for the first time (necessary at work sometimes) I will practice the name a couple of times before dialling to hopefully ensure that I don’t muff it up.

    Had a “lady” at a former employer who insisted one of the Swedish doctors on staff was pronouncing his name incorrectly. O_o Yeah, I couldn’t handle that. My reality won’t bend that way at all. 🙂

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