Old Fashioned

4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned”

  1. I think your hair looks awesome, Babe. 🙂 And I’m so glad you’re back in a place where you like it, too.

    Aw, thanks Lovey! You really hit it out of the park with that hair spray, but I would’ve SWORN it wasn’t hair spray. After following your link below though, I can see I should update the post to reflect the “new” information (I be ignoramic of such matters, it seems).

    And by the way, for those who might want to know, the fixative is called Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Hair Spray and can be found here:

    Thanks Babe! I couldn’t find it myself…probably because “fixatif” is French or something for “glue.” LOL!

  2. I’m dying here, Dane! Everything from the Goodie comb to the mullet and beyond, lol! I’m glad you’re mixing it up and looking for products that can work for you.

    So far so good, Angie. I have to figure out the proportions, of course, but that changes as my hair grows, so…eh. 🙂 It’s a fun guess right now.

    Dave and I are mixing it up here a bit. I went to a salon for the first time in oh…20 or more years! I’ve been cutting my own because of blah blah blah and now, I’m happy to be back and buying new-to-me products.

    My loving spouse does such a good job on it for me, I may never see a salon again. 🙂 The products are fun so far.

    Dave is ditching his cargo shorts and t-shirts from the 80’s (praise God) and moving into a cooler, more mature look. Plus, he retires at the end of the month from Public Health Service and there is talk that he will grow a goatee! His head is shaved (not to be confused with balding) so he’s psyched 😀

    I’d probably still wear some of my shirts from the 80s if I could fit into them. And, y’know…still had them. 😉

    I mentioned over at your lovely brides blog that you and your family really do inspire me, make me happy just to see your exchanges, so https://familyanswersfast.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/inspiring-friends-plus-a-tip-on-how-to-delegate-blog-award/ . Keep up the great work and happy weekend 😀

    Thanks Angie! I’m a lousy blog award person, but please don’t take that as a lack of gratitude. 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! My hair only recently became long enough for me to run my fingers through it, and it’s such a good feeling!

    It sure is! Odd to feel that way for a man, though? Hope not. 🙂

    There is one option that girls have that boys don’t, at least not without turning some heads: barrettes. That’s what I’m using lately to tame my crazy mane.

    Yep, but the goo I’ve got seems to do almost as good a job. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement Spark!

  4. I always hated my hair due to the two cowlicks that made it impossible to look good unless it was hippie long or military short. About a year and a half ago I started shaving it, and my life has been improved dramatically. Yes I can no longer run my hairs through my fingers, but now I have some awesome fuzz that locks my hats in place whenever its cold enough to use them.

    B, I can see the advantage. And if I thought for a moment I’d look half-decent bald I’d consider it. But I look bad with short hair, never mind NO hair. 🙂 BTW, these products made me think of you. Probably the “old fashioned” feel and the fact you love old pulp fiction and swing dancing. No connection, I know, but…such is my odd brain. 🙂

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